Apply Body Tape - Chest

TransShape's Body Tape is a thin, lightweight body tape that does not restrict blood circulation or breathing, it is designed to be worn while sleeping, showering, swimming or playing sports. Body Tape can be worn for 5 days on average. It is placed from the centre of the chest to the side of the body just below the armpit. Every roll is provided uncut to allow each person to choose the length they cut.

Our step by step guides are designed to offer the basic principles of applying and/or removing Body Tape, each person will find it needs to be varied to accommodate the shape and size of their body.

There are a wide range of video tutorials online, many of these offer tips for all kinds of body shapes.
For video tutorials please search "Transgender Tape Tutorials"

Important information and warnings

  • Step 1 - Applying Body Tape

    Prior to applying Body Tape it is important to first wash the skin so it is clean, dry and free of oils, deodorants and other products.

    Important - Try to not touch the sticky parts of the tape as it lessens the effectiveness.

  • Step 2 - Nipple covers

    Nipple covers can be made using the Body Tape by cutting two large squares about 1-2cm larger than the nipple and two small squares the same size as the nipple area. Next, take the paper backing off each piece and add the small square in the centre of the large square so that the sticky sides are touching and there is enough edge all the way around to stick to the skin. These can now be placed over the nipples to protect them.

  • Step 3 - Cutting the pieces of tape

    Cut two lengths of tape approximately 15cm long (you will learn if more or less works best for you). Round the corners with scissors to provide a more secure hold that reduces curling and unwanted peeling of the tape.

  • Step 4 - Positioning the tape

    Prior to applying it is important to know where the tape is going to be placed. Start by lining up the Body Tape so one edge is on the centre of the chest on an angle in line with the opposite shoulder.

  • Step 5 - Placing the anchor

    Start by tearing a small piece of the paper backing on the main piece of tape (roughly 3cm from the edge) and peel the paper away, this will become the anchor point.

    Place the sticky end on the centre edge of the chest, the skin/tissue may need to be held or moved to get the right position. Once the end is in place give it a rub as the heat from this activates the adhesive qualities in the tape.

  • Step 6 - Applying the tape

    Now the anchor is in place, the paper backing can now be pulled back leaving about 3cm to anchor the end. When ready, stretch the tape and pull it over the skin/tissue on an angle towards the side of the body, it helps to smooth over the tape while applying to get an accurate, crease free application. With the remaining 3cm of tape press and rub the end on the skin without stretching. Rub over the whole taped area to ensure the tape adheres to the skin.

    Repeat for the other side.

  • Step 7 - Further flattening

    If there are areas of bulging skin/tissue these can be flattened using extra strips of Body Tape.

    Follow Step 3 to make the pieces of tape used for flattening. Position the tape edge on the bulge and apply following Steps 5 and 6, the position will need to alter to suit the area that requires further flattening.

  • Step 8 - Further flattening continued

    If a third strip is required repeat Step 7.

    It is recommended to use a maximum of 3 pieces of tape each side. Some may find more is best and others might get enough flattening from one piece.

    This will have flattened the skin/tissue by gently pulling it to the side of the body leaving a much flatter chest.

  • To remove Body Tape

    Please follow this link Remove Body Tape to read our step by step guide.