Important Information and Warnings

When using a new product always test it on your skin prior to standard application. To test our products, choose a small patch of skin, apply a small amount on your skin and leave for a a few hours. If your skin shows redness, swelling or itching please do not proceed with use, remove product immediately and wash the area with your usual soap and water.

TS Body Tape bond to the skin when you rub it, this means if it is not removed correctly it can damage the skin. To read our TS Body Tape removal guide follow this link Remove TS Body Tape. Please follow the guides carefully to minimise the risk of tearing, blisters or other irritation.

Do not apply any of our products on broken skin, this could lead to injury or impairment.

If you experience signs of allergic reaction after using our products please consult your Doctor immediately. These signs may include (but are not limited to) fever, swelling, discharge, redness and vomiting.

Do NOT wrap TS Body Tape all the way around the body, doing so may result in injury or impairment.