Sizing Guide

TS Body Tape by TransShape comes in 3 sizes - Small, Medium and Large.

We recommend that A-B cups benefit from the Small - 7.5cm size, most C cups find the Medium - 10cm size most effective and D cups and larger get the best results from the Large - 12.5cm size body tape. Some people will find one strip is enough to cover all the skin and tissue whereas others feel they need and extra strip or two of the Small size to smooth out and flatten areas that are bulging.

  • Size Cup TransShape Trans Tape Gender Flatten Chest Breast Binding Top Tank Garment Binder Packing Masculine Male Man Feminine Female Woman Non Binary Inter Sex MTF FTM Poly Pan Queer Neutral Fluid Diverse Affirming ENBY Agender Dysphoria Cis Bi AMAB AFAB

For best results we recommend no more that 3 strips on each side, however this is a personal preference. What size you use may depend on what fits your body shape and chest length best, rather than our recommendations. For example, for a person with a D cup chest we would suggest the Large size TS Body Tape, however some people may prefer the Medium with extra strips of the Small size to support the area. As there are so many different chest variations the best way is to first purchase one of each size and test what works for you.

If you need help deciding what size TS Body Tape please go to our Contact TransShape page.