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Small - 7.5cm wide

Small - 7.5cm wide

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Suited to people with chests that fit size A-B cups.

TS Body Tape is placed from the centre of the chest to the side of the body under the armpit. It is designed to be worn for 3 - 7 days with 5 being the average, it can stay on while sleeping and showering. It is a thin, lightweight product that does not restrict blood circulation or breathing and can be worn while swimming and playing sports. Each 5 metre roll is provided uncut to allow each person to choose the length they cut, it will last 2 months on average, depending on how often the tape is replaced. If it is used as extra flattening strips and other varying factors it may last longer or shorter.

 We recommend having a spare roll of the small size TS Body Tape on hand for further flattening as well as a our Sticky-B-Gone Nourishing Removal Oil to gently remove the TS Body Tape and Body Repairing Balm for any areas needing extra care.

Please use our Instruction Guides to apply and remove TS Body Tape.

If you are unsure on what size TS Body Tape you need you can refer to our Sizing Guide.

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